Novadiscovery Announces Success of First-of-its-Kind Clinical Trial Simulation to Accurately Predict Findings of Phase III Clinical Study

Our portfolio company,  Novadiscovery, an AI-driven in silico clinical trial simulation leader, announces the accurate, prospective prediction of AstraZeneca’s phase III FLAURA2 trial results using its jinkō platform, aiming to inform and optimize next-generation trial designs.

Novadiscovery scientists collaborated with noted researcher and thoracic oncologist, Pr. Michael Duruisseaux, to lead the independent predictive simulation of the global trial.

These prospective, fully independent and blinded predictions mark a watershed moment for clinical trial design. For this simulation we could have examined nearly any phase III trial using Novadiscovery’s jinkō platform. This good faith effort demonstrates our technological strength to validate, scale and accelerate clinical trials, as well as reduce the risk to patient participants, and reduce the cost burden of clinical trials. This further proves that in silico trials offer a critical, reproducible and customizable tool to power pharmaceutical clinical trial designs in the future

said François-Henri Boissel, Co-founder & CEO of Novadiscovery.

Access to their full press release here