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Social Responsibility


We are dedicated to contributing positively to the development and wellbeing of projects we believe in.

Debiopharm supports various initiatives led by personalities who are true innovators or inspirers, as well as various philanthropic activities aiming at improving people and patient’s life.

Supporting new ideas


Debiopharm is proud to be associated with the explorer Sarah Marquis. Research is a little like Sarah Marquis' life, it is about setting an extremely high goal, and "walking the walk" to reach it, step by step, never getting discouraged, never giving up.

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To foster knowledge and new ideas, Debiopharm also created the association "Dialogue Généractions".

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FutursDuMonde 2308Debiopharm always thinks about the future. Success and performance depend on a vision for 'après-demain' ('the day after tomorrow'). This is the reason why we support Lépac's project of 'Nouvel Atlas des Futures du Monde 2038', an analysis of humanity's future societies, lifestyle, needs and aspirations. Lépac is run by Virgine Raisson.

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Philanthropic projects


Since 2014, Debiopharm has been supporting the Fondation Téléthon Action Suisse. We share common values such as creativity, passion, commitment and excellence.

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Debiopharm has been involved with the Kantuta Association active with street children in Bolivia, since its creation in 2002

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Debiopharm also supports the association Les Pinceaux Magiques, which gives hope to hospitalized children.

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The "Prix George Mathé" promotes therapeutic advances and translational research in medical oncology and immunotherapy.

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The Challenge Inartis Debiopharm aims at generating initiatives in the field of health through approaches that improve patients' quality of life.

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Debiopharm supports the creation of the 'Debiopharm Chair for Family Philanthropy' at IMD business school in Lausanne with a donation of several million Swiss francs over the next 15 years. According to Thierry Mauvernay: "Philanthropy has great potential to strengthen family ties through shared values and to contribute to the longevity and health of family businesses while providing necessary assistance to the most neglected and vulnerable segments of society".

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