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Business Model

A unique business model for success: in-license, add value through innovative R&D strategy and implementation, out-license and maximise commercialization potential.

We are a highly focused group of companies that develops drugs and therapies with a view to bringing novel biopharmaceuticals to market.

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Our business strategy is to create partnerships for the in-licensing of biologics and small molecules from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as well as academic institutions worldwide.

We develop the products while paving the way to global registration and we carefully select optimal marketing partners to give access to the largest number of patients worldwide.

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Enhancing the development process of biopharmaceuticals

We bring together more than 35 years of expertise together with dedicated multidisciplinary teams to achieve timely pharmaceutical development programs. Our experience has been validated by the rapid development and out-licensing of five commercially successful products:

Moreover we share the success with our partners and the inventors, and reinvest the commercial proceeds into the development of a new generation of products and partnerships.