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Drug Discovery & Preclinical

Drug Discovery

  • we establish on a program by program base target molecular profiles (TMPs) and "R&D flowcharts" to bring early leads to the stage of development candidate compounds following the leanest path and shortest timelines 
  • we dissect the mode of action and on-target selectivity of the compounds we develop
  • we perform in-house early fingerprinting, biochemical and cell-based in vitro assays, pre-formulation, and eADME of our leads to support candidate drug selection
  • we use a combination of in sillico modelling, crystallography and structure activity relationship (SAR)-based approaches to support our medicinal chemistry initiatives

Preclinical activities

  • We  elaborate an early target product profile based on the characteristics of the product and select the most relevant, innovative and validated in vitro & in vivo models to support clinical development;
  • we use integrated modelling techniques to go from animal to man to reduce development timelines, and anticipate our needs in active product ingredient (API) during clinical development 
  • we integrate biomarker strategies early in our development