Our Growing Expertise in DNA Damage Response Inhibition

Since 2017, we have been actively involved in the in-licensing and development of compounds targeting DNA damage response (DDR) pathways. With over 100 employees dedicating their workdays to the optimization of our DDR inhibitor compounds we seek to ensure the development of safe, well differentiated, and efficacious medicines addressing hard-to-treat cancers.

What is DDR?

Cells of all types have developed robust DNA repair mechanisms to ensure the integrity of the genome and prevent the propagation of damaged DNA to daughter cells. Due to the inherent genomic instability of cancer cells, the tumor relies even more heavily on DDR processes to ensure cell survival and anticancer therapy resistance. [1-2]

1. Lindahl T. et al.2000 2. Li LY. et al.2021

Achieving Improved Patient Outcomes Through DDR Inhibition

“DDR inhibition represents an increasingly attractive way to take advantage of the reliance of cancer cells on genomic integrity. We believe that disrupting DDR may be the key to successfully eradicate resistant cancers.”

At Debiopharm we are exploring new therapeutic opportunities that target DDR signalling pathways. We believe this targeted approach provides an opportunity within tumor cells to have greater therapeutic efficacy.

How we're applying our expertise

Multi-indication assessment

Our Translational Medicine team explores a plethora of tumor types for which each compound could be suited, driving the appropriate assays.

WEE1 Inhibition

Inhibiting WEE1 increases genomic instability and exposes cancerous DNA to irreparable damage, thus triggering cell death.

USP1 Inhibition

Inhibiting USP1 threatens genome integrity, preventing DNA repair and cancer cell survival.

Global DDR Inhibitor Facts and Figures


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