Patients Are at the Heart of Our Development

We’re developing new, patient-centric, standard-of-care medicines by measuring the burden of therapy versus the benefit of treatment. Our research is designed with the aim of helping patients live longer, live better, and have the least burdensome overall treatment experience.

What is patient-centric drug development?

Patient-centric drug development involves the ongoing participation of patients across all phases of drug development: hypothesis generation, study planning and execution, medication and device design, and evidence translation and dissemination.[1] Insights are often gathered through Patient Advocacy Groups (PAGs) and anonymous surveys in order to provide the optimal clinical trial experience and the best-adapted drug product to the market.

1. Crawford LS et al. 2017

Incorporating Patient Centricity across our drug development

“Today, patients are highly motivated to take a more active role against their own disease and share their experiences to make the path easier for future patients”

Learnings from patients guide our development planning and strategy.  We incorporate patient reported outcomes in clinical research, consult PAGs throughout different development phases, and integrate market access strategies early to facilitate future drug access. In addition, we aim to improve treatment burden with long-acting formulations, helping patients manage long-term diseases with lower injection frequencies than current standard of care therapies.

How we're applying our expertise

Patient Advocacy Group Partnering

Liaising with oncology focused PAGs provide numerous insights for patient-centric drug development.

Market Access Strategy

We collect the right data needed to address reimbursement pitfalls early on.

Debiospheres Technology

Patients receive less injections thanks to controlled sustained release formulations lasting up to 3- to 6- and 12-months.

Global Cancer-Related Patient QoL Facts and Figures


2. Chen, S. et al. 2023 3. JAMA Oncol. 2022 4. PAHO. 2021

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